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6 days ago
TODAY IS ML APPRECIATION DAY! Good Morning, I just wanted to make sure I thanked these awesome ladies for all they do today and every day!

1st) My awesome co ML Ellice Gullett, pushing me, supporting my crazy ideas, and keeping, me accountable even when it isn't Nano season. If we lived less miles away than we do, we would probably be like sisters.

2nd) Ann Ariffraff the one that got me into this ML stuff, my big mouth offering to help, then a helper then Her Co ML. Didnt know I was being trained to take the reins. Still so many miles away, is there to help and guide me through my 1st year on my own.

3rd) Judy Mohr Half a world away and still has always been there to help me with what every I need to know of find. Fantastic Resource for anything Nano, scrivner, science and so much more.

4th) Amy Blythe My other mentor/support system half a world away. Keeping everyone on our toes in the V write In's as we never know what color or font she will pull out next.

5th) Sarah Mackey HQ support and great contact. Thank you all for all you do during Nano and otherwise Great to have such wonderful friends and support system.

As well as all the great people in our region and around the world we get to interact with during this time of year. Stress and self doubt are high for all of us but we hold one another up and push through it together as a team!

<3 Samantha Failen
9 days ago
How is it going ya'll. Go to the facebook group and take a poll on how you feel things are going.
15 days ago
How is everyone doing. remember no matter what the goal is more writing than you did in Oct. so keep going. every word you write is another one on paper. YOU GOT THIS!!
19 days ago
How is everyone doing? Day 2 Don't forget to update your word count every day so that you can earn fun badges.
21 days ago
We are off, I hope all the midnight writers got some written. And for the rest of us who generally wait for a normal hour, good luck in the morning. There is an online write-in tomorrow night I would love to see some of you there. .
27 days ago
Event for Sunday...Intro to Scrivner. Is cancelled.
Our instructor for this injured her back.
Keep her in your thoughts and prayers ,please.
28 days ago
Ya'll (yes I lived in Kentucky for almost 20 years) Nov is right around the corner. Have a plan, at least of when you are going to try and write, and an idea of what you are going to write. Me I am usually a make it up as I go and see what my characters feel like doing, and it is never what I planned. Check out the write in calendar. There are lots of in person, and virtual write-ins and we would love to see you at one.
about 1 month ago
Write-in's are starting to be scheduled in the area. Remember to go to our virtual website and get familiar with it as all our virtual write ins are on there.
about 1 month ago
Don't forget to log on and introduce yourself on the region forum. also feel free to add SFailen or I to your buddy list.
about 1 month ago
Hey ya'll, yeah I know my country roots come out sometimes. We are looking for who wants to have write-ins. If you know a good place to hold write-ins near you please message me elliceck so that we can start setting things up. Our ML from last year has been moved, thanks military, and we are starting fresh so any advice from the people that have been here a while would be great.
almost 5 years ago
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