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5 days ago
over 1.5 million words written in Chapel Hill in two weeks! You guys rock! I hope to see you at the Mid Way Party this Friday 11/16 at Looking Glass in Carrboro. See the calendar below for details!

Plus--Breaking News!--I received an advance copy of an awesome and inspiring book that is just right for Mid Way through NaNoWriMo, and we'll be doing a drawing for it at the party! Come to the party and put your name in the basket, and we'll do the drawing at 7:45! The book is called "Keep Going: 10 Ways to Maintain Creativity Through Good Times and Bad" and features advice from famous creators like John Green, plus cute cartoons!

See you soon!
9 days ago
In just two days we've collectively written more than 150k words! You guys are amazing. Come and celebrate the halfway point of NaNoWriMo with your fellow Chapel Hill WriMos at Looking Glass in Carrboro this Friday 11/16 6-8pm (they're open til 11 if you want to stay longer and keep writing)! We'll write, chat, and enjoy the tasty beverages -- they serve sandwiches until 6:30 as well.

Don't forget--NaNoWriMo is first and foremost about freeing yourself to write. If you aren't hitting your daily word count goal, or if you're feeling discouraged, celebrate the fact that you've committed to writing, that you're making progress, and that your story matters. We're all here to cheer each other on, and I can't wait to celebrate at the Mid Way Party with you on Friday!
11 days ago
Holy moly! We've written over a million words collectively in the Chapel Hill region and we're only on day 8! Great job to everyone pushing ahead on your novel--I know it can be tough to draw those words out of your brain sometimes, but you're doing it! Keep up the good work, and I hope to see you this weekend for some Write Ins!
15 days ago
4 days in and you guys are killing the regional word count average! (see the blue bar below the calendar). In person (and virtual) word sprints are helping me so much, and I am super grateful for all of you hosting informal write ins and attending them! Hope to see you this week sometime!

Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on. Louis LAmour
16 days ago
FYI to all, daylight savings starts overnight tonight! Don't forget to 'fall back' in the morning Sunday 11/4. Our calendar widget below is confused by the time change, so some of the dates for tomorrow and the following days are an hour off. Tomorrow Stevie's write in is 12-5 at Trackside Bottle Shop, and the Virtual Write in is 8-8:30pm. Click on more details for each one to see the correct times and all the details.
20 days ago
Thanks so much for everyone who has volunteered to host an informal Write In this November! The calendar is updated with the ones you all have sent me so far, and there is still room for more! If you want to host an informal write in (meaning you pick a spot, clear it with the location, and show up to meet people at the appointed time) please pick a time that isn't already covered and let me know! I can help you find a location and put it on the calendar.

Check the calendar below for the events scheduled so far and hope to see you there!

24 days ago
Less than a week to go! Here's a sum up of the first week's events:

Kick Off Sunday 3-5 @ CHPL -- prizes, chatting, potluck snacks

First Night Write In Thursday 11/1 6-8 @Root Cellar on MLK -- word sprints, writing, food!

Library Write In Saturday 11/3 1-3 @ CHPL -- word sprints, writing, coffee bar

Don't forget to check in on the forums below for introductions, inspiration, and to ask any questions you have! Feel free to drop me a NaNoMail anytime. See you soon!
about 1 month ago
Getting excited for November? We've got some great stuff planned (peek at the calendar below) and I can't wait to see you all! If you're new to NaNo and want to see what it's all about, come meet some experienced WriMos at CHPL Saturday 10/20 at 2pm--plus there will be swag and planning resources! If you're an experienced WriMo, I'd love to have some more folks there to meet and greet as well!
2 months ago
I'd love to get your input as I plan events. Please take this survey so I can collect some information about what our Chapel Hill WriMos want to see happening this November! Copy and paste this address into your browser or click on the link in the forum thread below:
2 months ago
The slate is wiped clean, so to speak--the old forum threads have been wiped and we're ready for another NaNoWriMo! Keep an eye out for NaNo prep events and November parties and Write Ins on the calendar below, and please feel free to NaNoMail me with any questions you have--or start a forum thread below if you want to start a conversation with other WriMos. Please do also check the thread at the top about expectations for events. I'm looking forward to an awesome NaNoWriMo with you all!
8 months ago
Camp NaNoWriMo has begun! If you're interested in joining our Cabin, let me know!
about 1 year ago
Forces have combined to make 6 official Write-Ins at the Chapel Hill Public Library! Saturdays 4, 11, 18; Sundays 12, 19, 26. Check out the calendar below - and mark your own!
about 1 year ago
Okay more cool stuff...
The official NaNo Calendar is on the site (just poke around for it), and most awesomely there are webcasts coming up to help you get ready, like the one this Friday the 20th. I am gonna get our regional calendar set up ASAP.
For those who want to spread the news via press release or flyer, there are some links for you! Having trouble sharing them here but please check out our FB page for more:
about 1 year ago
Alrighty you guys, the theme this year is "Unleash Your Creative Superpowers" and I just ordered stickers for usss! I only ordered 50 cuz last year I got 100 and I STILL have tons lying around. But apparently there are 154 Chapel Hill members (as of 2016) so come and get them once events begin! Or else you can have last year's leftovers.
Other 2016 stats about our region, since I have exclusive access to this:
We wrote 2,920,211 words.
Our average word count was 18,962.
We donated $265.00.
On average we each donated $1.73.
We had 29 WINNERS!
Winners donated an average of $9.14.
(This is why they say you are more likely to win if you donate! LOL)
More coming up in a sec...
almost 2 years ago
Well you guys, it's the last day of National Novel Writing Month! Can you believe it?
If any of you have won already, please let us know in the Forum below and share your stickers on our Facebook page!
Remember, to officially win, you have to click "Check your official word count total," paste your text into the box and click Validate. Happy winning!
I'll be at the TGIO party in Hillsboro tonight, and if we still want to have a weekend thing at the Root Cellar, that would be awesome. I still have tons of stickers to hand out!
To all of you still frantically writing today… Our hearts are with you! ☕️
about 2 years ago
Hey Friends! It's Double-Up Donation Day! That means you get better prizes for the same amount of donations. There is more to it than that, but basically today is a good day to donate to NaNoWriMo. Even like 5 or 10 bucks is helpful. Remember that NaNoWriMo's programs are non-profit and you can learn more here!
about 2 years ago
Happy Saturday, Chapel Hill Wrimos! NaNo2016 begins IN 3 DAYS and I want to tell you the places you can go to meet other Wrimos and get a head start on November 1st. We have:
@ 2 PM - Kick-Off @ the Root Cellar
@ 4 PM - Write-In @ the Chapel Hill Library
@ 6 PM - Kick-Off @ the Hillsborough (OC) Library
All of these are informal events, so you can come whenever. Hillsborough will have food and prizes (thanks Amy Kendrick) but the CH Library is just a room set aside until 8. If you come to the Root Cellar, try to grab a drink/food to show our appreciation to the cafe; we're not paying to be there. I'll be there until 4:30 but y'all can stay there and type, talk, eat as long as you want!
We have more information (and a legit Google Calendar) below.
Any questions can be posted here or on our unofficial FB page. Can't wait to see you! <3
about 2 years ago
Wrimos! It's October 14th, and that means we have just over 2 weeks before NaNo 2016 begins! I am working on getting Write-Ins and our Kick-Off event scheduled, so please stay tuned and let me know if you have any questions! I am working with Amy Kendrick at the Orange County Library in Hillsborough, so between us we will have lots of things planned for you! Getting excited....!!!
almost 3 years ago
Wrimos! We have January Saturdays in the Chapel Hill Public Library!

We will meet to re-read, revise, edit, rewrite, or just write. We don't have a specific plan for beta-reading or editing each others work, but I hope by getting to meet informally on a regular basis, people can work that out as they wish. If nothing else, all are welcome to just come and tap out more novel to their hearts' content!

We have the 9th from 1 to 4, and the other Saturdays from 12 to 3.

Please note this is Room D - a smaller room with capacity of 12 which should be fine - I think it's right next to our old hangout, Room C.

Hope to see you there!
almost 3 years ago
We are so glad y'all liked our Write-Ins enough that there was a general interest in continuing to meet throughout the year! Some folks expressed interest in meeting to help each other edit, as well - like beta-read parts of each other's novels. If we do that we'd definitely have some kind of structure for how to edit. But we can also just keep meeting to tap out words! If y'all have any ideas or suggestions, please post here or on Facebook. Happy December!
almost 3 years ago
FANTASTIC NEWS for procrastinators and people with different work schedules! Susan Maguire has kindly reserved Meeting Room C (our usual write-in room) from 12PM - 8PM today at the Chapel Hill Library. Feel free to go bang out some words in the glorious silence of the library.

If you prefer some food with your words though, Meagen will be leading a last-day write-in at The Root Cellar from 6 - 8 PM tonight.

almost 3 years ago
Want to avoid the Black Friday crowds? Your feeling-better ML is writing at the Root Cellar on Black Friday. (It is amazingly NOT crowded here.) I will be here until at least 3 PM for whoever would like to join! I got 15k to bang out in 4 days. Come write with me!

about 3 years ago
To motivate people to come out to the DSI write-in: I gots snacks! Healthy snacks! Savory snacks! Sweet snacks! All the snacks!

You can have the snacks and some writing too starting in less than half an hour at DSI Comedy Theater!
about 3 years ago
Did you know that Hillsborough, NC, has more than a dozen top authors living on its beautiful and sleepy streets? Come feel the creative energy at the write-in at the Orange County Library! Today @2PM.
about 3 years ago
We broke the one million words mark! Keep it up Wrimos!
about 3 years ago
Meagen is at Open Eye in Carrboro until close if any other Night Owls would like to join!
about 3 years ago
We're up to seven writers at the DSI Comedy Theater write-in! Come join us!

Pro-tip: Parking at the Chapel Hill Tire Center is free starting at 5 PM when they close.
about 3 years ago
We are currently occupying a table in the back near the wall o'wine. Look for the NaNo table tent!

Pro tips on parking: There is parking in the back, and don't park in front of the Chinese restaurant. They like to tow. Parking in front of the laundromat and by the other restaurants is totally cool.

See y'all soon!
about 3 years ago
It's a touch chilly at the Root Cellar this morning. If you are the type of person who gets cold in movie theaters, I suggest you wear long sleeves or bring a light jacket. Can't wait to see everyone at the Chapel Hill kickoff!
about 3 years ago
Meagen, Thank You so much for setting up the Google Calendar. I'm sure it took lots of tediosity on your part! <3 ~ April
about 3 years ago
Hello Everyone!

The 2015 Nano information has been emailed (I apologize for the terrible formatting) and posted in the forums. Please check out the threads below!

Also there is a link to our Facebook page on the right. Feel free to connect with us there as well!

We look forward to writing with you all!

Meagen and April
almost 4 years ago
Happy Thanksgiving! Have fun with your friends and family, and if you have time, gobble up some words.
about 4 years ago
Aaand we just passed 1,500,000 overnight! Keep going Wrimos, you're doing great!
about 4 years ago
Week 2! Look at how many words we've written! I bet we can reach 1,500,000 or more by the end of week 2. :)

Don't forget the morning write in this Friday, 10 AM at the downtown Caribou Coffee. Get some words written before the weekend!
Then, get week 3 started right with our write-in at the Chapel Hill Library on Monday at 5 PM.

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