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20 days ago
Nov 1, 2018

Finally, November is here. Another year, another novel.

Nanowrimo is one of my favorite events. I wait for it all year. And this year was no different. It isn't just an opportunity or, rather, an excuse to write. It is a time when we can get together as writers, each working on our stories and encouraging each other.

To that end, as you set off on writing this November, take some time to reach out in the forums. You might just say "Hi" or you might have a question that someone could answer. Even more likely, you may have an answer to someone's question, an answer that may seem common sense to you, but an answer that could change another's perspective and enrich their writing experience. So, take a few minutes each day or week to check out the forums. I know that I need to do a better job of that this year.

What are you writing this year? Write me. I am seriously interested in what you are writing and how it going.

Funny enough, I have a couple of works that I teased up and planned out, knowing that, as Halloween approached, I would need to make a decision. I am ready for either, but as morning dawned I am still debating which one I will write this month. It is a good problem to have. I just need to noodle on it today and make a decision!

I will be setting up some write-ins this month. Send me a note to let me know where you are located and I will try to set something up more central to where you are. That is the benefit of the New Jersey Elsewhere region: we can meet almost anywhere, including online.

Wherever you may find yourself this writing season, here's to you, your novel, and a fun-filled month of writing!

ML New Jersey Elsewhere Region
about 1 year ago
I don't know why, maybe it is the time of year, maybe it is the nature of the job, but for the past few years, I have found myself traveling right up to the first of the month. This past week, I was in Cleveland, Ohio. So many great adventures there... but I digress.

This year is a critical year in your writing success. Why? Because you are here! And you are planning to write a novel in a month. That is no simple feat, and it doesn't matter how many times you've tried or how many times you've won: each year and each novel presents its unique challenges. The difference between you and everyone who is not writing a novel this month is that you are taking action and making your dream come true!

I put in a lot of hours on the road yesterday. I all but missed Halloween. And I particularly missed the opportunity to host our annual online kickoff party, "One Hour to Midnight". I barely had time to prep my novel to get a good start today. I guess I put the Elsewhere in NJ Elsewhere this week!

I hope that you had the advantage of preparing yourself for the writing season that has now begun. Know that I am right there with you... actually, I might be right behind you, as I haven't started writing just yet. But, we are in this together.

Over the next few weeks, I will post notes of encouragement here on our regional page. I am also setting up write-in sessions, and hope that we might get the chance to meet in person. And, of course, I would love for us to interact in our Regional Forum found on the New Jersey Elsewhere region page.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or just starting out, welcome. I hope that you enjoy the camaraderie and light-hearted competition that Nano has to offer.

Here's to you, your novel, and a fun-filled month of writing!

ML New Jersey Elsewhere Region
about 2 years ago
We're planning another impromptu write-in session for tonight. I will be writing at the Wendy's on Route 9 in Howell starting at 6pm this evening. All are welcome.

Bring your story, creativity, something to write on, and a little cash for a drink or to satisfy the munchies. There is access to power, should that be a concern.

I plan to be there from 6 to 9 pm tonight. The address is: 4510 U.S. 9, Howell, NJ 07731

I hope you can make it. I would love to get to meet you in person.

The month is flying by, but there is still time to reach your goal for this month. This is your time. Make the most of it.

ML New Jersey Elsewhere Region
about 2 years ago
One of the difficulties of being a member of an Elsewhere region is that we are all over the place. In fact, in addition to being strewn across New Jersey, some of our members are from New Jersey, but are currently writing their novel away from home, all across the globe.

I am in the process of scheduling write-ins in some of the areas not otherwise covered by the other regions, such as our write-in starting at 7pm tonight at the Taco Bell in Ocean Township (Monmouth.) Please join us if you are in the area and would like to meet up and write. We'll be there until a little before 10pm. I hope you can make it. I would love to get to meet you!

One of the great ways that we can participate in Nano even when we can't make it out to a write-in is through the virtual write-ins that the Nano staff run throughout the month. The next virtual write-in will be held tomorrow, Tues, Nov 8 at 4pm EST.

The link for the virtual write-in is:

I know it is Election Day tomorrow, and I hope that you will get out to vote! But, I also hope that you will avail yourself of the write-ins, either in person or virtual.

Either way, keep writing. This is your time. Make the most of it.

ML New Jersey Elsewhere Region
about 2 years ago
If you haven't heard, it is Double-Up Donation Day!

What is Double-Up Donation Day? It is the one day this month where a donation to Nanowrimo can earn you twice as much swag. There are also hourly offers by our sponsors and activities throughout the day. Check out one of the virtual write-ins. Or donate for a chance to win a prize. There will be multiple winners throughout the day.

The Grand Prize this year is a trip to the Writer's Digest Annual Conference 2017 in New York City, including admission, accommodations, and a $500 travel voucher.

The best part is that by donating you are investing in an organization that promotes writing throughout the year with Nanowrimo, Camp Nano, and the Young Writers Program. Your donation also comes with a cool halo on your profile picture; not a bad way to show you care!

Check out Nanowrimo Double-Donation Day for more information:
about 2 years ago
We are holding our Second Annual "One Hour to Midnight" Online Kickoff Party tonight at 11pm. That's right. Grab some candy or your favorite snacks and drink and login for zany conversation, inspiration, perspiration, and exaggeration, as we ring in the Nano writing season with a bang!

This is a free event and is open to all of Nanos. RSVP to get access to the party:

We will keep the festivities to an hour. As fellow Nanos, we want to get writing at midnight, too!

Bring any questions you have. We will be opening up a Q&A session featuring a panel with over 20 years combined Nano experience.

Hope to see you there.

ML New Jersey Elsewhere Region
about 2 years ago
Just a little over a week left to October, and Nano is coming!

Are you ready? Not to worry. There is plenty of time to get ready for Nano this year! Check the forums for hints and advice for getting yourself and your novel ready. Set up your plan for getting the work done. Even if you find that you aren't sure where the story might take you or if you have enough material to make it to the end of the month, you still have over a week to seek inspiration and think it through.

I am Mike Courter, I go by the handle Mercian in the Nano forums, and I am ecstatic to return as your ML for the New Jersey Elsewhere region. Please feel free to add me as a buddy, and I will do the same. I am a big fan of cheering each other on.

I am in the process of scheduling our Second Annual "One Hour to Midnight" Online Kickoff Party starting at 11 pm on Halloween night. Please stay tuned for details and the link.
almost 3 years ago
In a little over a day, the month is screeching to a halt. How is the writing going? Have you crossed the finish line yet? Now is go time. Do whatever you have to make it. Whatever you do, don't forget to validate your novel!
about 3 years ago
Wow. Week One is soon coming to a close. How is your novel coming along? I am a little behind where I want to be, but the story is progressing nicely. There are still several weeks left to catch up.
Toward that end, I'll be at the Write-In at Starbucks in Freehold tonight for anyone who wants to come out and write. I don't know about you, but after a long week of work, I need this!
about 3 years ago
We are holding a Nanowrimo Online Kickoff Party on Halloween starting at 11pm EDT: It's a Google Hangout that we are calling One Hour to Midnight. Join us to meet your fellow 'Wrimos, share in discussions and polls, and... I heard there may be prizes. It should be a blast. RSVP at
about 3 years ago
It is the middle of October already! The month is flying by. Time to kick your Nano preparation into high gear. If you haven't filled out your profile already, there is no time like the present. Give your novel a name -- even if it is only a working title -- and share some details of what you will be writing this year. November is coming!
almost 5 years ago
Ready to validate? Check out the handy step-by-step pictorial on @ElsewherenNJ on Twitter!
about 5 years ago
A challenge has been issued! Any brave Wrimos who want to represent the Elsewhere region tomorrow night can take on wrimos from other NJ regions in a word war battle royale hosted by Northeast! Just sign in to the chat and type "/join #NENJ_NaNoWriMo" to get to their chat room!
about 5 years ago
Another Monday, another Virtual Write-In... If you are lagging behind in word count, consider hopping on the chat and participating in a word war to help plump up your count!
about 5 years ago
It's ML Appreciation Day, but I want to say thank you to the wrimos who have organized events and shared them here. An Elsewhere region encompasses such a fluid area that it would be impossible for me to arrange events for everyone, so you make this possible.
I also appreciate the MLs of the other NJ regions, for being so awesome and welcoming of all-comers to the events they set up.
about 5 years ago
We've made it past week one! Congrats! Now let's keep up the momentum!
about 5 years ago
Happy Donation Day! Have you gotten a halo yet? Donating today also puts you in the running for some cool prizes!

Today is also the Day-Long Writing Marathon! Check out the Combined NJ Calendar for events going on state-wide or come visit me in the chat (I'll be there, struggling with my novel, pretty much all day!).
about 5 years ago
Looking for a live event? Check out the awesome Combined NJ Calendar (featuring events all over our amazing state), courtesy of causticgit, ML in Central! Look and see if there are any events close and convenient to you! See link in Links-->
about 5 years ago
ChatNaNo is a go! Check out the instructions below.
about 5 years ago
Write-ins planned so far:
Mondays at 7pm Virtual Write-in in the Chat
Tuesdays at 6pm at Roasting Post Coffee in Hightstown
Tuesdays at 10pm at Rt 9 McDonalds in Freehold
Thursday Nov. 7, 14, 21 at 6pm at Jester's Playhouse in Northfield
Thursdays at 7pm at Rt 9 Panera in Howell
Not convenient to you? Plan your own! Check out the thread on how to host below!
about 5 years ago
Check out the new threads below: Complaints Department and Celebrations! Feel free to complain about or celebrate anything, NaNo-related or not!
about 5 years ago
Remember, if there's no events happening by you, YOU can make one happen! Just check out the thread on hosting a write-in.

Also, if you use Twitter, please, please follow @ElsewhereNJ and tweet at me! I'll retweet, especially if you are tweeting an impromptu write-in or invite to meet up in the chat.
about 5 years ago
November is coming! Get involved in the Elsewhere community by introducing yourself below, planning a write-in near you, sharing your writing resources, or talking about where you write. We're all in this together! Let's help each other reach our goals!
about 5 years ago
Hello Elsewhere! I'm your new ML, moongoddess, bringing you four years of ML experience and hopefully some community-building and encouragement to help you achieve all your noveling goals. Here's looking forward to a great November!
about 6 years ago
NaNoWriMo is brought to you by: People like you!

If you're enjoying noveling this year, please donate. to help keep NaNo around for another year.

Broke? You can still help us out!

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