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about 1 year ago
Home of all things Gallatin Valley Regional NaNoWriMo dwell herein. Please scroll down to access the calendar, the forums, and join the conversations. Let your voice be heard, early and often, regarding dates, times, and locations that work best for you. We hope to meet you in person at one of our community events but between now and then, see you on the forums!
almost 3 years ago
Do you want to go somewhere and do something today/tonight, but you have a novel to write? You're looking at the official calendar, but you see nothing scheduled? Scroll down. Check out our regional forum. Chances are, somebody else feels the same way. See if they posted before you had a chance to. Tell us where you'll be writing and when if you want us to join you. Let's get writing!
almost 4 years ago
Sneak a peek at our regional forum if you haven't in a while. We've added a new thread to encourage remote participation in word sprints and similar writing challenges. Also, if you find your wordcount woefully lagging, do not despair. As long as there is November, there is hope. Avail yourself of our forum-centric writing incentives, keep your eyes peeled for word sprints, and for pop-up gatherings of WriMoose near you. Plan now to attend our final write-in on Wednesday, November 30th. If by that time you have already passed the 50K finish line, you can take that time to write more (if the manuscript is still unfinished), edit, or simply read what you have written. Just a few days remain--you got this!
almost 4 years ago
Events have been scheduled on the calendar, and more will be added as we confirm the details. Your intrepid MLs are finalizing arrangements based on the information we have so far, but we value more input to better serve you. In our regional forum we have posted a few potential days/times for write-ins, so join the conversation now if you would like to have some say in the scheduling.

Talk to us if you have any good ideas regarding write-ins. Suggest locations around town where you like to write, and we'll do our level best to incorporate them into the schedule. MSU STUDENTS: We need expert location suggestions for on-campus write-ins (so please help us out). Feel free to message any of us, or post ideas/questions in the forums.

If transportation is an issue for you, check the Transportation Issues forum thread--you may find someone ready and willing to assist you.

Thank you for joining us, and we hope to see you soon--either at a write-in, or here on the forums!

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