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about 21 hours ago
This week we're having two Write-ins. Monday, we're at The Market, 202 N. Holden, from 6-8 where you can purchase some great pie and ice cream. Tuesday, we're at Trails Regional Library, 432 N. Holden St. from 6-8 and are going to warm-up with some free and hearty hamburger veggie soup, sandwiches, and a chocolate dessert sponsored by Writers of Warrensburg. Hope to see you there.
4 days ago
Enjoyed another productive Write-in at Cafe Blackadder. Dan wins the price for the longest drive to join us. Go writers!

4 days ago
It's November 15th and our Nanowrimo time is half over. Whatever your word count, please join the Write-in tonight from 6-8 at Cafe' Blackadder, 121 North Holden. The food is to WRITE for!
6 days ago
Roads are clear and the air is brisk, a perfect set-up for a Write-In tonight at the Trails Regional Library from 6-8 in Warrensburg. The local writing group, Writers of Warrensburg-WoW, is providing food and drink. Hope to see you there!
7 days ago
Calling off tonight's Write-in at The Market. Still snowing and still slick.

Anybody up for Word Sprint from 8-9 tonight? We start at 8, end at 9, and post our word count at that time.
8 days ago
There's a lot of new names in the list of members in our new Warrensburg region. Cofiwch and G. A. Edwards welcome you too. Please let us know if you have any questions. Write-Ins are friendly and open to all who come to work with other people who write.

Snow or not on Monday, November 12th, we shooting for writing at The Market, 114 N. Holden, in Warrensburg from 6-8 p. m. We'd love to see you there. :)
11 days ago
It's cold and a little snowy here, but power's on and computer and your pen still work. How many words have you posted so far? Let's add some more.
18 days ago
Day One. How's it going?
Wrimos of Warrensburg! Here's a little motivation for you. We have a lovely trophy for the writing star who finished their 50,000 words first. Will it be you?
18 days ago
Good luck this month, everyone!! I'm rooting for you!! If you ever need a pep talk, let me know!!

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