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over 2 years ago
Hello all head on over to Camp NaNoWriMo and write some more!
almost 3 years ago
Apologies I said Thursday, it is Friday as per calendar.
almost 3 years ago
I am planning to bring a power strip to all the meetings this month if you want to bring your laptops, notebooks etc
If not grab your notebook or journal and pen or pencil and join us for the remaining meetings this month.
Hope to see you (see calendar), Thursday, this meeting is at McAlisters.
Your ML Ruth
almost 3 years ago
Hello NaNo's

Tomorrow, November 4th] NaNoWriMo HQ is running a day-long writing and fundraising marathon. There will be virtual write-ins, Twitter shenanigans, and a special treat for anyone who donates $25 or more on that day.

Hop online to take a look at the schedule of events and track our worldwide word-count goal during the day!

NaNoWriMo is a nonprofit and this fundraising push helps ensure the programs can continue year-over-year. Your support helps cover the cost of sending materials to Young Writers Program classrooms around the world, bringing the power of creativity to thousands of children and youth. It also helps keep our programs and websites alive to continue making NaNoWriMo happen every November!

Your ML, Ruth Adkins
almost 3 years ago
Please begin writing today we are officially ready to write Nov 1st today! Our Nano meeting is tomorrow so hope to see you there check your calendar for more dates.
almost 3 years ago
Set Up Time
It is time to get our writing spots set up and our prep tools ready to go. I hope you are eager to get started even with the possibilities of that ugly old self doubt. Awaiting great stories,
almost 3 years ago
It is now time to add your novel's name and information on the website. Our official write date is Nov 1st but we can use this month to gather information and get ready for our writing goal. Don't forget there are prep videos on your dashboard under the inspiration tab {prep and events to watch}. You can also select your Personal Achievement Badges. Good Preparing Jefferson City Nano's!
about 3 years ago
Welcome to the time of getting ready to write if you don't write continually. It is time to begin thinking about what you will write and make some decisions about your characters and plots. November is fast approaching and happy writing times again.

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