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about 1 year ago
Updates... updates... more updates!

Hello again everyone! I've recently updated the links that you see below my picture to now include a link to the regional discord server! Last year, I used the Eastern CT one, to very good effect, and I think it will help promote communication between us all!

All announcements will still be done officially here, and this is still the official way to communicate, however, the discord server is... FUN. Pokemon,music, bots, writing. OH MY.

I look forward to talking with you all!
about 1 year ago
NaNo is Coming... are YOU ready?!?

What's happening everyone. Your new ML Tass (or James, I go by either) here! Just updating a few things here and cleaning out the cobwebs while the new site gets unveiled. In the meantime, SOUND OFF! Introduce yourself!

... Let's. Get. Hype!

Meet your MLs

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Welcome 2019 Wrimos! You've landed on the home page for our AMAZING south-central Mass region! Check the forum and calendar for updates, and stay tuned for the new website rolling out SOON(tm)
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