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5 days ago
About the write in:
Again, we're supposed to be getting nasty weather tonight, so be careful driving.

I will be running late! Unfortunately, Mom had a dinner date tonight, so I need to make a run back to Auburn before I can go to Starbucks. I'll get there around 6:30, dogs permitting.

Hoping to see a few people there, here, or on Discord tonight~
Ky (Aeon Reighn)
12 days ago
The November 7th Write-In has somewhat unofficially moved to the Clearlake Starbucks if anyone's looking for us.

-Aeon Reighn
21 days ago
Hello, Springfield! Ky (Aeon Reighn) here. I'd like to thank everyone who came to the Kick-Off Party; it was a little awkward (as is anything that involves putting a bunch of introverts in a room and telling them to make friends), but ultimately a lot of fun.

Just a couple things that I'll probably be repeating in the Regional mail I'll be sending out Wednesday:
I have updated the regional calendar with Wednesday write-ins; please note the information on which Starbucks we will be at, as it alternates between Clearlake and Stevenson!

I will be at the Clearlake Starbucks after I get off work, and may or may not take a detour to downtown along the way for some Pokémon, so no guarantees on when exactly I will arrive. But I will be there from 7pm to 9pm at least, so feel free to drop on by. I'd love to write with a few of you and maybe help get those creative juices flowing!

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