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7 days ago
Don't give up! Some of you may be discouraged and want to throw in the towel already. It's easy to do. As the cliche goes, "Quitters never win and winners quit." So what do you do? Every day you are stuck looking at a blank screen. It's not coming to you.
Write. That is what you do. A tip I heard is to start copying the dictionary or phonebook and within minutes you'll come up with something. Personally, I never did that. I did free-write... a lot. It's okay, you'll clean it up on the re-write. What you are doing is freeing your mind and fingers to write. I discover new things as I free-write that get added. There is a little voice in my head that says add this or that and see where it goes. Suddenly, I am trying it out, after all, if it doesn't work out I'll clean it up on the re-write.
24 days ago
It's almost upon us!!!! Get ready to write!!!! Visit the forums and introduce yourself. I will be updating calendars this weekend. No this is not a dead region. Undead maybe... hey, I have seen the looks some have as they are charging towards the 50k finish line looking like Rocky after messing with Clubber Lang while saying that famous line, "Cut me Mick, cut me."

Trust me you can do this!

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