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almost 2 years ago
It's been a pleasure to serve you! PEACE OUT! AND VALIDATE!!!
almost 2 years ago
Happy Thanksgiving!

Our next writing event is Saturday, at 11 am at the Villa! Hope to see you there!
almost 2 years ago
Oh, the dreaded 3rd week! Thanksgiving is about to creep in, too! and then Black Friday! and then, the horror--BURNOUT.

This is the week where we loose the most people. Decide NOW, that you're not going to be one of them! Join us online tonight! Join us @ Denny's Tuesday night! Join us Saturday at the Villa. This is when you have to discover your true grit, and stick with it! YOU CAN DO IT!
almost 2 years ago
Nov. 10. Well, you're ten days in and if you're goal is 1,667 words a day, you should be at 16,670! How are you doing?

That said, if you're doing backwards NaNo you should be at 28,157!

If you've fallen behind, don't give up. We have twenty days of writing meetings and events ahead of us still, and some of them are online and some are in person, and all of them are excellant ways to catch up! Timed writing sprints for the win!

Let us know if you need us to light your seat on fire!

Maggie and Gina
almost 2 years ago
Saturday, Nov. 10th @11 am. THE VILLA CAFE on HITT ROAD. Write In! Hope you can come!
almost 2 years ago
We're a week in! Hope everyone is doing awesome!

Take a minute to record your word count in the upper right hand corner.

Don't loose momentum! Join us online or in person to sprint away and get words out!
almost 2 years ago
Less than 24 hours!

almost 2 years ago
We're days away from November! Super excited! I hope that you're ready!
almost 2 years ago
ONLINE SPRINTS, a Q and A. If I don’t answer your questions, please comment with them! I’d love for everyone to feel empowered and ready to go!

Q. What is a sprint?

A. A writing sprint is comparable to a running spring. Go as far as you can in a short amount of time—but you’ll be drafting words. We set a timer for X amount of minutes (usually 15-35 minutes) and write as fast as you can, with a focus on maximizing word count. You shouldn’t be editing or thinking too hard – you just need to keep going. Pretend the story is a fire, in your belly. The only way to put it out is to put it on the page. Antacids will not help.

Q. I’m not used to writing in a group setting online—or in person. What will it be like?

A. For everyone, it’s different. I like to think it’s energizing, fun, and motivating to complete. There is the comfort of your home, and everyone mutes during the timed sprints, so you’re “alone.” When time is up, the moderator will let everyone know to unmute, invite you to share your word count, and allow time for you to catch your breath before calling for another sprint.

The IN-PERSON sprints are similar. There is ample seating at Denny’s, free Wi-fi, food and drink, laughter, and simple prizes. Bring a jacket or blanket as the temperature fluctuates, money if you wish to eat or drink anything, earbuds/noise-canceling headphones, and your charging cords, along with anything else you need to write comfortably. I usually have extension cords and power strips, but it never hurts to have your own. In-Person meetings are *not* all at Denny’s. See the dates below.

Q. Okay, how do I participate online, like what do I need to do?
A. Download DISCORD. Join the Idaho Falls NaNo Group. Adjust your name so we know who we’re talking to. Play around with the different options, and test it out with someone BEFORE the first sprint.

Also, little more info: We use an app/website/forum called DISCORD, which allows for us to have a lot of wiggle room. It’s not so unfamiliar as Facebook—but with audio. You can hear the moderator call out the sprints, when to stop, while writing in the privacy of your home. You can mute yourself, and we all do during the sprints, and you can comment on a “wall.” We just had a practice session, and if you missed it, we can still help you get set up. We just need to know you want the help.

Q. When are these Discord sprinting meetings?

A. Take a look at our fancy-pants calendar. There is a hard copy available for you to print, as well as a Google calendar we can add you to. (Just need your email addy!) As specified on our calendar, we’ll meet on Discord, from 8pm to 10pm on the following days:

Friday, Nov. 2
Sunday Nov. 4,
Tuesday Nov. 6,
Sunday Nov. 11,
Tuesday Nov 13,
Sunday Nov. 18, and
Tuesday Nov. 27

And for In-Person Meetings:

Oct. 31st —10:30pm/ Denny’s/Start sprint at Midnight, Nov 1.
Sat. Nov. 3rd —11am/ The Villa Coffeehouse and Café, on Hitt
Wed. Nov. 7th —@7pm/Denny’s
Sat. Nov. 10th —11am/ The Villa Coffeehouse and Café,
Wed. Nov 14th—@7pm/Denny’s
Friday Nov. 16th— Gina Larsen’s 6:30pm/Potluck
Tuesday, Nov. 20th—@7pm/Denny’s
Sat. Nov 24th —11am/ The Villa Coffeehouse and Cafe
Wed. Nov 28th —@7pm/Denny’s
Friday, Nov 30th —Gina Larsen’s 7pm/Potluck

Whew! I think I got it all. The challenge of writing 50,000 is a difficult one. It requires you to be disciplined and determined. You have to turn off the off the inner editor and let yourself write as quickly, and possibly poorly, until you hit your goal. You can edit and improve later. If you never make it to the end, you’ll spin your wheels re-editing the same few chapters a thousand times without finding the end to your story. (And as I've said, you've got to know how it ends so you know where it really starts!)

And if you're all, NO WAY AM I WRITING 50K...You rebel! But Here's the best part: REBEL NANOWRIMOS are TOTES WELCOME! Editing?Trying to finish a story? Something entirely different? THAT'S FINE! Put these meetings to work for you.

One week to go!
almost 2 years ago
Hello, Wrimos!

We'll be using DISCORD again for online sprints. Here is a permanant link:

If you are unfamilar with Discord, PM me and we'll help you get started!

Also, this Sunday, October 21 at 8pm, we're hosting a Discord Introductory meeting. We'll be available to help you get Discord-Ready so you can join us for time sprints!
almost 2 years ago
Hello Wrimos! I sent this out as an email, but I'm posting it here as well as in a forum down below.

The kick-off meeting has come and gone! THANK YOU to those of you who came! It was nice not to talk to an empty room! Here are some bullet points of info that will serve as a reminder or in case you couldn't make it. If you have any questions, please let us know!

Your Humble Municipal Leaders, aka MLs,
Maggie and Gina

► I have added everyone who gave me their email address to the Google Calendar. If you meant to do that or couldn't come, here is a link that should connect you to our NaNo Calendar for this year's event. OR you can message me with your email and I'll add you to the calendar.

► I also handed out a hard-copy calendar, which I believe is handy for a number of reasons.
You can:
1. Post it in a place where your loved ones/roommate/etc can see it so they remember you're trying to win NaNo!
2. Mark off the days you write!
3. It's a visual daily reminder!
4. Write down the number of words you write on each day!

Unfortunately, I can't attach a copy of it, BUT if you would like one, message me back with your email address and I can send you one that way.

► As we gather for in-person writing sprints, we wish to stress the following:

1. Be kind and respectful to the wait staff, the employees, and the other attendees.
2. Pay your bill if you order food. And please order. You aren't required to, of course, but these businesses are letting us use their facility for free. Support them for their generosity if you can.
3. Respect other's space and time. It's fun to get together to "party" but for many, this is a sacred time away from work, family, and sleep. They need this time to write. During sprints, please refrain from interupping others. Let those around you know you need to write, and speak to Maggie or Gina if you have any suggestions to making this special time more productive. We will do our very best to manage the time wisely.

► Regarding online writing sprints, we intend to host these timed springs 2x a week. We will be using DISCORD which can host any number of us. We will have a "host" who will manage the sprints and call times. Please kind and respectful to our hosts, as they are volunteers!

In order to prepare for this, we will be hosting some PRE-NANO meetups, on Discord. So, if you have NEVER used Discord, fear not! I hadn't used it ever before and got it to work on my second try! We'll do all we can to get you set up! If you intend to participate this way, but aren't in the FB group, please contact me. We are still the process of sorting it all out, and more infomation will be coming.

► We have a Non-Discrimination and Non-Harassment policy. I just spent 30 minutes looking for the exact verbiage, and can't find it. Please forgive me. I'll look when I have more time. That said, if you have any concerns, please come to Maggie or Gina ASAP. We want everyone to feel comfortable, welcome, and wanted.

►Yes, we have a Facebook group. It's where we post information, create events so you can RSVP which provides us with a head count (which is super helpful as we plan), and inform you of upcoming NaNo things. If you have an account, please join us. We're IDAHO FALLS NANO. Maybe this link will help.

Last, but not least!

► I also talked about Backwards NaNo. It's rather self-explanitory, but all you gotta do is write MORE WORDS at the beggining of the month, when you're excited and on fire! Instead of the daily 1,667 words, you can follow the word count chart of a Backwards NaNo and by the last week, you've got less than 1000 words to write each day! IT WORKS! I swear by it. I have won NaNo every year I do it. Give it a try if it interests you. Copy and paste the following, print it out, and use it!

Backwards NaNo

Week One
Day 1: 3346
Day 2: 3216
Day 3: 3101
Day 4: 2986
Day 5: 2872
Day 6: 2757
Day 7: 2642

Week Two
Day 8: 2527
Day 9: 2412
Day 10: 2298
Day 11: 2183
Day 12: 2068
Day 13: 1953
Day 14: 1838

Week Three
Day 15: 1724
Day 16: 1609
Day 17: 1494
Day 18: 1379
Day 19: 1264
Day 20: 1150
Day 21: 1035

Week Four
Day 22: 920
Day 23: 805
Day 24: 690
Day 25: 576
Day 26: 461
Day 27: 346
Day 28: 231

Week Five
Day 29: 116
Day 30: 1
almost 2 years ago
HELLO! And Welcome! This year's 2018 NaNoWriMo is going to another great month of madness as we all try to write 50K words in 30 days!

You can send me or Maggie a message anytime if you have questions, and you can refrence the calendar below for all of our in-person and on-line writing meetings where we will have a host calling out timed sprints!

Much love as we prepare for November!

Calendar Calendar

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