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12 months ago
HAPPY THANKSGIVING, WRIMOS! Your MLs are thankful for each of you in our wonderful Elsewhere region, and the world is thankful for the words that you have brought to life this month. Just a few more days to go. Enjoy this day, be grateful for all of the good and beautiful things in your life, and celebrate life's bounty today. And if you still have the energy after dinner, write a little. Then this weekend, write a whole lot more. Final kick, let's go!
about 1 year ago
DAY 15 - Halfway there!!! This is also Back up Your Novel Day, and as many a saddened writer can attest, this is an important step in your noveling process, to protect what you have created thus far. Take that extra moment and back up your work!
So, as it is the halfway point that means today's word count goal is 25,000. How are you doing? Flying, treading water, or sinking somewhat. Don't despair, don't quit, just keep writing. You can do this! Want some company while you write? Join us for an on-line write-in this evening, 5:00 pm via nanochat: elsewhere. Word sprints are on the docket so anyone needing to cram some words into get your word count up to par won't want to miss it.
about 1 year ago
Don't forget about our region's first ever virtual write-in coming up at 5:00 pm today in our nanochatroom. Check out the link below for info if you haven't already signed up. Hope to see you there. Word sprints, anyone?
about 1 year ago
Greetings fellow wrimos! Hopefully you are off to a roaring start here on day 2 of NaNo 2017. I finally had a free moment (at 1:30 am, lol) to update the calendar with the scheduled write-ins for this month. Please note that they are color coordinated to represent where, and which group is hosting. Dk Blue is ML hosted Write-ins on Maui. Lt Blue is write-ins hosted by our local writers group, spearheaded by NaNoer Nancy. Purple write-ins are via our chat room at NaNochat (see forum thread below for details). If anyone on non-Maui islands has a write-in date to share please let us know so that we can add it to the calendar and help you meet up with some of your fellow island wrimos!.

My apologies for the delay in getting this info posted. After this weekend my work schedule should ease back considerably and I will be more on top of things. Thanks for your patience and understanding. Best of luck to you all. Please keep in touch via the forums. Love to hear from you!
about 1 year ago
Just over a week to go until the start of NaNo 2017 so get those last minute details taken care of. Implements of writing - check. Friends and family warned that you will be morphing into a frenzied novelist for the next few weeks and to approach with caution - check. Writer's fuel and word count reward treats stocked and ready - check. Updated your novel info on NaNoWriMo website so that your word count can be updated during the month - check. Ready to attend Kick-off event and get this party started - CHECK! Hope to see you there this Saturday!
about 1 year ago
Attention all Elsewhere Wrimos. Your regional Municipal Liaisons have updated their email contact email to You can contact us on this website via NaNo mail, or via our new email address. We look forward to getting to know all of you for NaNo 2017.
about 1 year ago
Salutations Everyone! While NaNo is over two months away it is approaching just the same, and it never hurts to start the kindling in your writers brain so that it is blazing hot when those 30 days begin. We will be reaching out to everyone within our region sometime in October to announce details about our Kick-Off event and other 2017 NaNo news you can use, but until then we welcome you dip your toes in the water of NaNo preparations. Got a free minute, then perhaps peruse the forums, start a new thread, and get some ideas dusted off for a fun month of writing mayhem. As always, your ML's are here to answer any questions you have. Aloha!
about 2 years ago
2016 NaNo is almost here! We are so excited to once again be readying our writing gear for another NaNoWriMo month. This will be an adventure you will always remember, and regardless of how many previous NaNos you have won or lost, loved or loathed, each new year gives us the opportunity to meet the challenge and share our stories anew. We are hopeful that there will be even more regional participants than ever, that our forums will flourish with questions, ideas, and a plethora of writer's gold as we work our way through the month of November. As always, your MLs are here for you,too. Reach out to us whenever you need guidance, suggestions, and most importantly, support and reassurance that you have what it takes to succeed at NaNo. We are here for you!
over 4 years ago
ALOHA! You may have noticed that our region has a new name, but not to worry. You are still among friends and your fellow writers with aloha. This year the Hawaii region was broken into two sections, one for Oahu, and one for the rest of the islands, a.k.a "Elsewhere." To be honest, I kind of like the regional description of "Elsewhere." It seems a fitting title for all of us writers scattered through the islands of Hawaii, because our stories, no matter what genre, no matter what era, are all set elsewhere. The boundless creative forces of our writer minds can lead us to the next room or another dimension of elsewhere, so I for one am fully embracing our new regional name. I look forward to building a strong regional group with all of my fellow NaNo writers of Hawaii, and think we will have lots of fun in the coming months. And to our friends on Oahu, we're just a forum or NaNo mail away, so we can all keep in touch as we start on this new venture together. :)

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