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almost 3 years ago
Middle of the month, team! Power through it, you've got this!
almost 3 years ago
Hope you all kicked off the month well! Keep those counts up!
almost 3 years ago
Last day of the weekend before November! Hope all you planners are good to go.
almost 4 years ago
Don't forget to validate your word count before the end of November!
almost 4 years ago
And how goes the writing? Would we like a write-in? I was thinking about the back room at Loco.
almost 5 years ago
October has begun! Next month we will be writing up large.
over 5 years ago
Camp Nanowrimo begins in a few days time. Time to dust off those ideas and prepare for a little change of season novelling.
almost 6 years ago
Keen for a write-in? Click the link to take you to the event listed on Facebook.
almost 6 years ago
And so, we begin. To think, this is the first year that I haven't had a clean slate of time, relatively speaking....
In 2010 I was so busy proving to my class that essays of 2000 words were easy, that I was determined to post my word count update on the board daily.... and ended up with a 74,000 word novel.
Then in 2011 I wrote with my class.... doubling my work and writing time.
2012 I was in hospital, with nothing to do but write on bedrest.
2013 was in China, with plenty of downtime in minus 25 degree snowfalls.
This year I have a new puppy, and a massive vege patch to maintain.... but I will make it. How about you all?
almost 8 years ago
Hello there glorious writers! With a week to go, it's time to spring clean! Or at least, that is how I spent my long weekend... hopefully the house will stay clean and habitable enough to survive November. I'd love to see a break out party write in to begin our month.... though I will be crutching it up after ankle surgery tomorrow. We may have to settle for a group knees up at the end of the month instead. It's great to have you all along, and let's make November rock. Hard. :D
about 8 years ago
The new hashtag for use is #makinghay. The whole idea was born in the Wairarapa, and belongs to us. One of my friends LOVES making hay, because it is productive, has a great deal of job satisfaction, and a fun time on a tractor! I embrace the idea of #makinghay because I too want to enjoy the simple things that make me happy... writing and sharing stories. :D
almost 9 years ago
Good evening Wrimo's. It is so lovely to have you all on board. :D

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