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11 months ago
Okay! In an exciting development (because I actually accomplished this!) we now have an active Twitter page, a Facebook group, and a calender! Not bad for an evening's work. :D

I would like to have all events on the calendar, so, as I have no idea how to let anyone else add to it, if any of you organise non-official events, please nanomail them to me and I will add them for everyone to see. :)
12 months ago

Welcome to NaNo 2017!!

Many words will be written and many victories won.

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the forums, or message me, your ML vpgrey. :)

Have fun!

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Welcome to Lincolnshire, England, a rural, historical, beautiful county in the midlands. We are the home of many great people and writers, and someday we shall all join their ranks!! :D
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