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over 3 years ago
This region could use a Municipal Liaison!

A Municipal Liaison is a local volunteer who organizes real-life events for your region, oversees this forum, and cheers authors on to victory. If you are at least eighteen years old, love NaNoWriMo, and have won at least once, see this page for application information.
almost 4 years ago
NaNoWriMo is brought to you by ... people like you!

If you enjoy writing with us this year, please donate and help make the challenge available next year!

No cash? There are other ways you can help us out!
about 4 years ago
Welcome to NaNoWriMo 2013!

Your region is without an official Municipal Liaison this year. But you can still have fun on the forums and meet in person with other Wrimos. Just start a post and propose a get-together or chat.

Please follow the Codes of Conduct.

And have a great time!

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Welcome to Elsewhere in Europe! This is the region for everyone whose country doesn't have a region of its own.
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