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12 months ago
Hello Everyone!

We are now ten days into to Nanowrimo and we're all supposed to have written about 16K words to be on track.

So, how's it going?

That's great! I'm glad to hear you're having fun. Me? I'm glad you asked...

...I'm doomed.

Or at least, it feels that way right now. November is a crazy month for many of us, exams, midterms, families, jobs, and so many other things often intrude into our lives. It can be hard to stay on top of writing. If I focus, and write without distractions of any kind, I can do my daily word count in about two hours. But that's assuming no pauses, interruptions, and that I know exactly what to write. Does that happen every day? No.

It happens on exactly 0 days.

So I feel a little overwhelmed, and here's a little secret, I am 10,000 words behind right now. Yep - 10K. Scary right?

But the truth is, that doesn't matter even a little bit. I rarely ever touch the prizes when I do win, not since my first year of Nano (7 years ago). I do National Novel Writing Month to write, that's the reason. I like writing, I like writing with other writers. Nano is something I look forward to. I hope that's true for many of you as well.

Any number of words is an achievement. You said to yourself, "I want to try to write a novel" and then you started to write a novel! That's freakin' amazing! How many people ever get that far?!

Whether you are at 5K, 16K, or 150K, enjoy your Nano, enjoy the month. Don't stress out about word counts, just enjoy the words. I am 10K behind, but I don't have to make that up in one day, I can make it up over the next 20 days. And that's totally do-able. Need a change of pace? Change it up. Write a little short story to clear your head, or invent a new plot twist. Come out to tonight's Write-In if you like! There'll be a crew of us at Starbucks on Queen Street by 7, It's always a good time, and a good time to write. There's no need to give up, because there's no need to "win". You are a writer, Just keep writing. This novel may be finished on time, and it may not, but you can finish it, and who knows, this novel might be the one.

I hope to see you all at the finish line. 50,000 words, or 5 words. And since my words might not be as fine as some of the Nano Pep talks we receive I want to leave you with my favorite writing quote from one of my all time favorite writers;

“I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.”

-- Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt.

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