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about 1 year ago
Hi Timmins writers! How did you do in 2018? It looks like 4 of our members reached (and exceeded) the 50k word goal. I hope all of you, regardless of your ending word count, are happy with the progress you made. I look forward to NaNoWriMo 2019! Don't forget that the Silverleaf Writers Guild meets in Timmins on Wednesday evening from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the Timmins Public Library to keep you motivated all year round. It's free to join right now until April 1, 2019! - Jessica
over 1 year ago
Have you announced your 2018 novel yet and started tracking your progress? It's quick, easy, and fun. You can even give your extra badges for the things you're probably already doing, like drinking copious amounts of coffee, being a NaNo Rebel, or pantsing this whole month! Reach out to your ML's for advice and encouragement. We're here to help!
over 1 year ago
After some technical glitches and personal travails, Vero and I are ready to get this NaNoWriMo thing going! As always, we will be working in partnership with the Silverleaf Writers Guild and the Timmins Public Library. Vero has been posting NaNo Prep activities on the Silverleaf Writers Guild's Instagram all month, and she has worksheets she can provide. Jessica is posting all the write-ins that will take place throughout the month. Drop in anytime! And if you need support, please reach out to us. We are both happy to help!
almost 2 years ago
This region is brand spankin' new. We earned it in 2017 Timmins writers! I'm looking forward to watching this region grow as local writers join. Welcome one and all!

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