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12 days ago
NaNo 2018 is coming!

Please stay patient while we populate the forum for this year.
7 months ago
Calling all NaNo Campers!

There is a super unofficial cabin in the works over at the Camp NaNo site. Unfortunately, cabin set-up means needing to be invited in, so if you're planning to write or revise this April, shoot a message over to Angel on the Moon to reserve your bunk!

Writing begins April 1st! Watch for unofficial write-in updates!
10 months ago
Just a heads up to everyone who is planning to go to the TGIO tonight, Joy Sushi does not take debit, only cash or credit. Keep that in mind, in case you need to stop at a bank on the way there!
10 months ago
TGIO is tomorrow, Sunday Dec. 3rd @ 6pm, Joy Sushi in Brantford. Please RSVP on the stickied thread if you haven't already. Thanks!
10 months ago
Peeps! Please vote on a TGIO location in the brainstorming thread! Thank you.
10 months ago
Hey, Wrimosaurs!

I know this has been a rough year for everyone. 2017 hasn't been kind to the world and the general atmosphere here at the end of the year has been more exhaustion than excitement -- but I want to tell you that it's okay. You can do this. Whatever your goal for November is this year, finish strong. That may mean moving the goalposts. That may mean pushing harder than you've ever pushed before. Whatever makes sense for YOU to finish this year with a sense of accomplishment, do that. Be kind to yourself. Thank yourself for even just showing up for NaNo this year, when a lot of people didn't or couldn't. Creativity isn't an endless well and it doesn't necessarily flourish in the dark, so it's okay if it's been hard. The fact is, you came, you wrote, you were true to your creative calling, and that's what matters.

Use what you've learned this year and use it to make next year better, in whatever shape that takes for you.

You've got this. <3
10 months ago
PLEASE add your ideas in the thread about the TGIO! We usually figure out as a group how we want to enjoy the final "official" NaNo gathering each year, and we need your help again! Share your ideas & preferences ASAP!
10 months ago
Wrimo Fiction1on1 will be hosting an unofficial Write-in today on the basement floor of the Brantford Library (Main Branch) from 5 to 7. Check out the Unofficial Write-Ins thread for more details!
10 months ago
Please double check that you're homed to our region! It's been noticed that some folks who attend our regular events & participate on the forum haven't set our region as their "home" area. This means your hard work doesn't count toward our regional total! And we want to show the world how awesome we are.

Please "home" to Brant-Norfolk!
10 months ago
Coffee Culture in Harmony Square! 1pm! The write-in goes for 2 hours (officially) so that you don't get dinged on parking! ;)
10 months ago
Join us at The Bent King on Market St. (look for us in the back room!) at 7pm for a Halfway Point Write-In. There will be good food, coffee, candy, cards, and WORDS involved!
10 months ago
Attention Tea Swap participants. Please check your NaNoMail. Your matches are waiting for you. Swap will happen at the write-in this SATURDAY, Nov. 18th. If you won't be there, please message Lyndsay (Angel on the Moon) ASAP so she can make arrangements for you!
10 months ago
We're coming up on halfway through the month! How are you doing? Do you need encouragement and WORDS?! Don't miss the two write-ins this week on Wednesday & Saturday! (Please check the calendar & write-ins thread on the day of each write-in for the most up-to-date information.)
10 months ago
Well see everyone tonight at 7pm at the Bent King!
11 months ago
Write-In today! We will be at Coffee Culture from 1pm - 3pm. Hope to see you there!
11 months ago
If you're planning to start at midnight tomorrow, make sure that you tune in to the Skype chat for our first official unofficial write-in of the season. We'll see you in person at Farm Boy at 7pm on November 1st for the first actually official write-in. GET HYPE Wrimos!
11 months ago
NaNo 2017 is ALMOST HERE!!! Declare your goals! Join up for Tea Swap! Get hype about cards! Rant about plot! It'll be time to write before you know it...
12 months ago
Forums have been relaunched! Go ye forth and POST!!!!!!!!!!
about 1 year ago
Updates incoming!

Meanwhile: Mark your calendars! Kick-Off is happening OCTOBER 14th this year! Tourism Center, 1:15pm(ish). Be there!
almost 2 years ago
Quick update: Folks heading to laser tag for TGIO, please keep an eye on the thread here + Facebook group tomorrow. There's a ton of snow + special weather advisory for our area, so if it looks like it might be rough going to Hamilton, we'll reschedule.

(Dinner should be doable regardless, since it's in town & a quick hop over for most of us.)
almost 2 years ago
This is it. The final day of NaNoWriMo 2016. You CAN do this. Many of you have already done it! And if you're so far from your goal that it seems impossible...simply give it all you've got. Finish strong, finish proud of your achievements this month.

...and come to the final write-in of 2016!!! Tonight! Blue Dog. Sprints until they kick us out and lock the doors. Let's do this!!!
almost 2 years ago
If you're on Facebook, please head to our FB group (Wrimosaurs of Brant-Norfolk, link over to your right under "Links") and vote for a TGIO date! Or use the stickied thread below, if you don't use Facebook. Either way, please vote! We'd like to get this nailed down ASAP so folks can book time off work, etc as needed. Thank you!
almost 2 years ago
Validation has begun! You can now validate your novel once you've reached 50K and receive all those lovely winner's goodies on the winner page.

(If you're having difficulty validating, feel free to send me a NaNoMail and we'll be sure to get you sorted out!)
almost 2 years ago
Saturday write-in time!

Don't forget to add your best line / worst line to the thread below at the end of each day! And post those Dares!
almost 2 years ago
Write-In day! Check the thread below for details.

Don't forget to add your musical selections to Wrimosaur!Bop 2016 in the designated thread, and also get ready for #NaNoSelfie day this Friday! Wrimos from around the world will be posting photos to social media of themselves working on their novels. Be part of the global fun and post yours! Thread will go up soon.

You should also have a Week 2 regional pep talk in your NaNoMail/email. Happy Writing!
almost 2 years ago
Our second write-in of the month is TODAY! Come on out and fill up your words! Also, don't forget to set your clocks back tonight...yes, you get a whole extra hour of writing time! WOO-HOO!!!
almost 2 years ago
GO GO GO!!! WRITE WRITE WRITE!!! NaNo 2016 has arrived!!!

Be sure to join us at the first write-in on Wednesday, Nov. 2nd at Blue Dog Coffee Roasters, 7pm. Check the write-in thread below for more details!
almost 2 years ago
It's Kick-Off Day, Wrimosaurs! For those of you who are attending (who RSVP'd in the thread below), please don't forget your paperback book! Any kind / genre / fiction or non-fiction will do. And please don't arrive before 1:15pm so that your ML has time to set up. Thank you!!!
almost 2 years ago
DOORS ARE OPEN!!! Come on in!

Chat, discuss, flail, panic, and encourage! Ask questions, give answers, create your novel in your profile & tell us about it!

We literally have AN ENTIRE MONTH in here before November hits, so...let's make the most of it! :D
about 2 years ago
SUPER DUPER EARLY HEADS UP!!! Kick-Off this year will be October 29th, 1-4pm at the Brantford Tourism Center. We've got this booked nice & early so that you have months & months to book off time / adjust your schedule / buy a fancy hat / etc.!

This is no joke, peoples, NaNo is only a little over 2 months away!!!
AHHHHHH!!!!!!! *falls over*
almost 3 years ago
Carpocalypse is happening!

Possible post-NaNo write-ins and meet-ups may also be happening!

Stay tuned here and on our regional social media for updates!
almost 3 years ago
DON'T FORGET TO VALIDATE!!! You have until 11:59pm tonight, but make sure you leave enough time to account for potential computer/internet issues, etc.

Our final write-in is tonight at 7pm, Coffee Culture downtown.

And then, RSVP for the TGIO this Sunday in the thread below! Don't forget to send your meal choice over so we can let the restaurant know ahead of time how to prepare for our large group.

Thank you -- and well done, Wrimosaurs! Well done.
almost 3 years ago
Validation has begun!

When you reach 50K, head to the word-counter at the top of your screen, and mouse over "I am ready to validate my novel." (Please note that you MUST have a novel "created" in your site profile to receive this option.)

Then copy/paste your novel into the Word Count Validator that pops up. It will count your words and give you an "official" total. It will NOT keep a copy of your manuscript, so please be sure to back it up elsewhere. The Validator counts words only and deletes the entire thing afterward.

And then... congratulations! You've reached 50K!!! You should be automatically directed to the page with your winner's certificate. Note that if the word counter "ate" any of your words, you can manually add those back in and continue to manually update your total until the end of the month.

Enjoy your victory, Wrimo! And go RSVP for the TGIO and other events while you're at it! :D
almost 3 years ago
Skype with me & other wrimos! Virtual write-in is perpetual and as you need it! Add me: fmboughan -- and I'll connect you to the ongoing thread. Boost your word count & get instant encouragement from fellow writers in a non-threatening, non-anxiety inducing virtual environment! :D
almost 3 years ago
Week Three... so what'll it be?
Will you keep writing? Will your muse try to flee?
Just get down those words -- leave the worry to me
As Glasgow encroaches. On to VICTORY!
almost 3 years ago
Keep writing, Wrimos! We're ahead of Glasgow & West Scotland, but they're fierce competitors, so let's keep up this momentum!

And if you haven't had a chance yet to visit our website for our Week Two guest blog post, head here and check it out:

And be sure to check out all the Questions of the Day & chime in with your answers!
almost 3 years ago
November 8th is #NaNoSelfieDay2015!

Learn more about this global social media event in the thread below. It's a fun way to keep you motivated as you start week 2. So, see you on the internets!
almost 3 years ago
Today's write in is from 1-3pm at Coffee Culture downtown. Also:

1) Today is the last day to sign up for Tea Swap!
2) It's NaNo HQ's Double Up Donation Day! Donate for special goodies & prizes all day! Plan to double up your word count & make it extra special!
3) Check out all the new threads below, including Question of the Day and some Best/Worst Line fun!
4) Don't forget to complete your Dares! Post in the Dares thread & come to the write-in for a new Dare!
almost 3 years ago
Guest posts on our regional website/blog begin tomorrow! Check it out here for some Monday morning inspiration:
almost 3 years ago
Tea Swap! Daily photo challenge! Carpocalypse step-by-step primer! There's tons to keep you engaged & to fill your writing breaks as November gets underway.

Set a timer, write for 15 minutes... then come on in and check out these Wrimo-driven activities! (But don't forget to start writing again afterward.)
almost 3 years ago

Come join us. Pop into the thread below and declare your intent. Start the month off with a bang!
almost 3 years ago
WE. ARE. AT... WAAAAAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Copy & paste to head to this thread. A challenger has arisen, it is time to meet them on the Battlefield of Words!
almost 3 years ago
A world of many threads!

Welcome to our regional forum -- there are many threads to engage on, so please venture forth and contribute to the discussion! The more, the merrier. Plus, this is a great way to stay engaged with your fellow participants.

Want a certain thread topic & don't see it here? Start it yourself!

HEADS-UP: Question of the Day will be returning in November, along with a few other weekly inspiration threads. Huzzah!
almost 3 years ago

If you want to wear a costume... go for it!
If you want to wear glasses & a cardigan in honor of this year's NaNo theme being "NaNo Library"... go for it!
If you want to bring snacks to share... we like snacks. Yes we do. :D

See you at 1:15pm -- please don't arrive early as your ML needs time to set up. Thank you!
almost 3 years ago

Your ML needs to confirm with the venue how many people will be there, so it's very important to have as close to final numbers as possible. Thank you for understanding!
almost 3 years ago

Come in on and POST POST POST AWAY!!!

(...and also RSVP for the Kick-Off, please...)
almost 3 years ago
Hang tight!!! Forum changeover happens this weekend. Then... let the madness begin!!!
about 3 years ago


about 3 years ago
HEY-O! Who's around tomorrow and wants to bring people to our regional YARD SALE?!

It's from 8am-?? tomorrow (Saturday, July 18) and we'd love to see you to either help out, drop off a donation (by 8am, please) or bringing others around to buy stuff and help fundraise for our regional events in 2015!

Check out the Kijiji ad with all the details here:
almost 4 years ago

Quan 99 has requested that we provide as many orders in advance as possible, due to the large number of people attending (we had 20 RSVPs for dinner!!!). If you can, take two minutes today and please decide what you'd like to have, so that I can send in the order tomorrow afternoon.

Since it's a small, family restaurant and we're a large, rowdy group, let's make it as easy as possible on them so that they *want* us to come back each year.
Here's the menu:

You can either post your order on the FB announcement, send me a FB message, a NaNoMail, or post on the TGIO forum thread. I'll check all of these ONCE tomorrow around noon and then send the order in. Thank you so much, everyone!!!
almost 4 years ago
Well done, everybody! I'm so proud of our region and the combined efforts of all our participants throughout the month. We had 25 winners and many more with remarkable word counts, and everyone's efforts should be commended!!!

And what better way to celebrate our achievements than with a TGIO Party? Respond in the forum thread below and let us know that you're coming -- let's have a great afternoon of fun & food to round out the excitement of NaNoWriMo 2014.
almost 4 years ago
Write, Wrimosaurs! WRIIIIITE!!!!! You can do it!!! GO GO GO!!! (And don't forget to leave yourself a few minutes before midnight to validate... you want a small buffer in case there are any problems!)
almost 4 years ago
Have you reached 50K? Don't forget to "validate" your novel to receive your winner goodies!!!

If your word count bar is GREEN, you have NOT validated. If your word count bar is PURPLE, you're an official winner! You have until 11:59pm on Nov.30th to get those novels validated.

(And even after you've validated, you can continue to add words to your word count -- with no need to validate again!)
almost 4 years ago
Congratulations to TEAM C, winning team of the Weeklong Word War!!!! All of your members were entered into a draw to win a copy of Scott Westerfeld's new novel, AFTERWORLDS. The winning name was chosen by my cat, so congrats to... EHGENTORANGE!!!!! You can claim your prize at the next write-in. And thanks to everyone who participated, I hope you had fun this week and ultimately were inspired to keep writing through the most difficult week of NaNo! Be proud of all that you accomplished, and congratulate your teammates on all their hard work!
almost 4 years ago
VALIDATION BEGINS TODAY!!! A note with instructions should have popped up when you logged into the site today, but if you have any trouble just shoot your ML a NaNoMail and she'll walk you through it.

Happy Writing!!!
almost 4 years ago
Congratulations to our winner of the Wrimosaur: The Card Game card tournament, Angel on the Moon! Great matches, everyone, and well-played.
almost 4 years ago
Wrimos, it's cold outside... what better time to hunker down and write? Don't forget to post your last line each night! And our Questions of the Day are a fun way to interact with other Wrimos and tell us more about your story.

Tonight's write-in is at 7pm at the Blue Dog, and as usual our Saturday write-in is held at Coffee Culture at 1pm. Hope you can join us!
almost 4 years ago
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Have you signed up for the Weeklong Word War yet? The winning team's members will have their names entered into a draw for a chance to win... *drumroll*.... a copy of Scott Westerfeld's NEW novel "AFTERWORLDS."

For the Wrimosaur card game tournament, remember that the winner will receive a custom-made card with their name on it! If you've never actually played the card game before... it's SUPER easy, so don't let that discourage you!

So, what are you waiting for?! SIGN-UP by midnight to participate and have a chance at winning one of these awesome prizes!!!

(PS: Winning Wrimos must be present at an event to claim their prize.)
almost 4 years ago
Write-in tonight at the Blue Dog! 7-9:30pm!

If you arrive early, try to snag those tables at the back near the washrooms. We had a lot of people last week, so the more space we claim, the better!
almost 4 years ago
You've survived Week One... and now on to Week Two! How's your story going? Check in below with our Questions of the Day, and come out to this week's write-ins for a new Dare! (Provided, of course, you've submitted an except of your first dare in the thread below.)

Keep writing, Wrimos! Go go go!!!
almost 4 years ago
QUICK NOTE FOR NEW WRIMOS: You do not have to RSVP to attend a write-in. Just show up! Find the people with the laptops... we're easy to spot. :)
almost 4 years ago

And then come to Coffee Culture at 1pm tomorrow. Details below in the write-in thread!
almost 4 years ago
And we're off in 10... 9... 8...
almost 4 years ago
Thanks for a fantabulous Kick-Off, everyone!!! And if you weren't there, check out our photos on Facebook and be with us in spirit. :)

NaNo is now less than a week away -- our first write-in is on November 1st at Coffee Culture (downtown, at Harmony Square), so check out the "write-ins" thread below for details... hope to see you there!!!
almost 4 years ago

Are YOU? Be sure to RSVP in the thread below by October 22nd.

Games, prizes, meet our mascot, and general silliness will ensue! Will there be candy??? WHO KNOWS! Come to the event and find out! Get excited about NaNo 2014 and meet other like-minded people who are just as nervous to be there as you are!!! :D
almost 4 years ago
Are you coming to our Informal Steampunk Info Session & Pre-NaNo Novel Planning Roundtable on Oct. 14th? An RSVP thread will open as soon as the site relaunches!

Meanwhile, save the date of Oct. 25th for our annual Kick-Off Party! 1:15pm at the Brantford Tourism Center. RSVP thread will open after site relaunch. Be there!!!

(Site Launch should happen sometime next week!)
about 4 years ago
Hey, you... yeah, you... I see you there, sneaking into the forums early.

No, don't worry, you're not missing anything! It's just that the forums are wiped and relaunched with clean slates every year before NaNo, and it hasn't happened yet.

In the meantime, feel free to chat in the "2014 pre-season" thread below (yes, it will disappear when the mess gets cleaned up), or head over to our Facebook group and interact there.

Keep checking in, and watch for NaNo 2014 Kick-Off details coming your way very soon!
almost 5 years ago
Thanks for a great TGIO, everyone!

Watch for the edited video for Pretoria up sometime this week, and keep an eye out for "Post-NaNo" threads on what to do with that novel now that the month is over.

Also, if anyone is planning to take advantage of the CreateSpace offer and has questions along the way, direct them my way! I have some resources at my disposal to try and help you through the process, so we can figure it out together.
almost 5 years ago

If you've RSVP'd, you'll find your name in the thread below. Please don't be late to laser tag if you're coming, as we have a scheduled play time and we'll need enough time to get everyone paid for and ready to go.

Please take a few moments to listen to / read over the lyrics to the South African national anthem, so we can film that for our friends in Pretoria tonight. Yes, it will be awful. Yes, that's kind of the point.

And if you like, bring along your Wrimosaur: The Card Game cards, and get a few rounds in to cap off this year's NaNo!
almost 5 years ago
And that's a wrap, my Wrimos... well done, I say. WELL DONE.

We may not have beat Pretoria, but we beat all regional records, smashed through personal records, and had an incredible amount of participation and effort all around this year.

So take a break today, writers. Have that nap you've been craving, or treat yourself to something delicious, and thank yourself for coming on this month-long journey.

And when you have a moment to stretch and yawn and think about the days ahead, go on and RSVP for our TGIO Party on December 8th in the thread below. Doesn't matter how many words you wrote, or if you won -- we want to celebrate all efforts, together.

You'll hear more from me in the days ahead, but for now? Rest, friends. Rest.
almost 5 years ago

If you haven't done so yet, please do ASAP! Don't wait until midnight, just in case there's an issue or your computer goes wonky. Validate, then celebrate!
almost 5 years ago
Final Write-In of NaNo 2013 is tomorrow @ Coffee Culture, 2pm!

Your ML has to leave this one a little early, but if you have the time, stick around downtown and watch the Santa Claus parade later that evening!

That said, please be aware that there will be road closures between 5-9pm downtown, and there may be parking restrictions in place all day tomorrow along the parade route.
almost 5 years ago
The schedule has been posted for 10K Friday!

Check it out and set some reminder timers for the Word Wars!
almost 5 years ago
Okay, Wrimos. You're doing AMAZING. Some of you have finished, some of you are *so close*, and others still have a way to go... but I believe in you!!! That's why I'm calling for a SPECIAL VIRTUAL EVENT this Friday, running ALL DAY LONG in the forums, online, and wherever Wrimos gather. It's called... 10K FRIDAY.

Yes, that's right. Whether you're heading the long road to 50K, or almost there, or already passed it, join me for 10K FRIDAY where our goal is to write a full TEN THOUSAND WORDS in 24 HOURS.

What's the point? Motivation and word count, sprinting to add quantity and see our numbers SOAR! What's the other point? To help close the gap between us and Pretoria! We're wavering between 3-4k words behind them consistently, and I know we can bring it even closer (maybe even win this thing!!!).

I'll start a special thread for 10K FRIDAY and we can hang out there starting at 12:01am on Friday. (No, I will not be up for 24 hours, but since we all keep different wake/sleep times, it can be a spot to check in throughout the day!)

almost 5 years ago

Winners, time to verify those novels! A post will go up soon with instructions on how to do so.

Keep writing, everyone! You're doing amazing... we're in the home stretch now!!!
almost 5 years ago
Welcome to Week Four!

Here's what you want to do now:

1) Vote in the TGIO thread. Mid-week we'll make a final announcement on date/time/place.

2) Hit up our Facebook group and let your ML know how many cards you have if you're collecting those. She's collecting some stats for next year and figuring out how to more evenly distribute the cards in the future.

3) Chime in on some of the new forum threads below!

4) Join us on Wednesday or Saturday for the final two write-ins of NaNo 2013!

almost 5 years ago
Write In tomorrow... 2pm at Coffee Culture!

Bring books if you have them, for "Spare Chapters, Spare Change", and bring your smiling selves with a drive to write write write!!!
almost 5 years ago
Don't forget to send in your Best/Worst/Funniest lines for Week Three today!!!

Week Two winners will be announced shortly (sorry for the delay!).
almost 5 years ago

More info in the thread below.

See you tonight! Let's write!!!!!!!!
almost 5 years ago
Feeling behind? You're not.

Feeling uninspired? Post in the Novel Emergency Room!

Feeling lonely? Head to the Brown Dog tonight for a Wrimo-hosted write-in!

Something else bugging you today? Post it here in the forum, and we'll get you fixed up in a jiffy!

...we've got the cure for all your NaNo ills!
almost 5 years ago
Still hanging onto books that you'd like to get rid of? Bring them along to the write-in today for "Spare Chapters, Spare Change"!

And don't forget your bear!
almost 5 years ago
Saturday is... International PARTY WITH YOUR BEAR Day!!!

Bring a bear-themed item to the Write-In and let's party with our bears! While we write! And hopefully don't make the dinosaurs too jealous... o_O

Be creative with your interpretation of the theme, should you so desire! I believe "teddy bears" is a generic encompassing of all plush toys, though perhaps you have a bear shirt or hat or other item to party with!
almost 5 years ago
Great job, all... keep up the good work! And if you haven't seen it yet, check out "A Wrimosaur's guide to Week 2 Procrastination, A Case Study" on our Facebook group (link to the group over to your right, under "links"), set up by fellow procrastinating Wrimo My.Zombie.and.Me! :D
almost 5 years ago
Check out the pictures from our events so far, including a few from the Progressive Write-In on Saturday!
almost 5 years ago
Hey WrimoSaurs -- Got the winner lines back from the Best/Worst Lines for this week!

However... sadly (for us), the winners were all from Pretoria, probably because they had MORE subs than us so their chances were greater! Dangit! I'll post the winning lines as soon as I have the usernames to match them up to (they were blind judged by the Johannesburg ML).

In the meantime, get your subs in for this week... and we've also added a THIRD category: FUNNIEST Line!!! You're welcome to sub a line for each category, but get your week 2 subs in by Thursday night.

Can't wait to read what you've picked!!! Let's take 'em this round!
almost 5 years ago
Thanks so much for coming out today, everyone!!! Great writing efforts (be sure to update on the website!) and lots of fun. Loved the cooperative team spirit and encouragement going around!!!

If you enjoyed our venues, I encourage you to also write a quick review for them on Google reviews, as a small way to say thanks to them for hosting us.

Next official write-in is on Wednesday night, but check the calendar -- there's something going on almost every day this week!
almost 5 years ago

Come out and start the insanity at 2pm @ Coffee Culture.

WRITING, PRIZES, CRAZINESS GALORE!!! Get a jump start on your word count and defeat the Week Two Blues before they hit.

See you there!
almost 5 years ago
We're sitting on Day 7 and I'm SO PROUD of you guys! Many of you have passed personal bests already, and that's what this is all about.

Now, dive into that manuscript for 5 minutes and pull out a "Best Line" and/or "Worst Line" and send it to me through NaNoMail. Pretoria's Wrimos are doing the same. A week of bragging rights is on the line!

There's a wrimo-hosted lunchtime write-in happening today at noon (see the calendar below), and the next Official Write-In is on Saturday.

If you're coming to the Progressive Write-In, get ready to boost your word count like crazy! We'll have participation prizes, a few "beyond fair trade" 1/2 lb. bags of coffee up for grabs from Anomaly Coffee, Wrimosaur: The Card Game new card releases, candy, and yes (I'm looking at you, Brad) W:TCG booster packs.

almost 5 years ago
It's Write-In Mania this week!!!

Tues/Thurs -- Wrimo-hosted write-ins... check 'em out on the calendar below!

Wed/Sat -- Official Write-Ins + Progressive Write-In on Saturday!

This is a great week to try and push ahead on your word count... you'll be glad you did once week three hits. :) Keep up the great work, and keep on encouraging each other on the forums.

Be sure to check out the threads on all the exciting events coming up this month! WRITE WRITE WRITE my Wrimosaurs!
almost 5 years ago
Who likes apples? Who likes tea?

We have a few cool things happening in the forum below... sales of donated apple chips with profits going toward our fundraising for NaNo (post up about that soon! stay tuned!) and a tea exchange within our region (so if you like tea be sure to check that out).
almost 5 years ago
Write-In Tomorrow, Nov. 2nd
2pm @ Coffee Culture (Downtown, Harmony Square)

Come write, meet fellow Wrimos, and participate in Word Wars for a chance to win a prize! If you like, bring a favorite snack/item to contribute to our International Food Exchange box for Pretoria, South Africa!
almost 5 years ago
IT IS TIME!!!! WRITE, my Wrimos... WRITE LIKE THE WIND!!!!!!!!

(And then come in here and brag about it!)
almost 5 years ago

Read more about it here:

Want to contribute? Bring your items to the Write-In on November 2nd... get creative, and let's show these Pretorians that Canadians really know how to get their snack on! :D
almost 5 years ago


Talk amongst yourselves on the forum threads, get motivated and learn about all the coolio stuff happening in our region this year!
almost 5 years ago
Kick-Off Tomorrow!

See you at 1pm at the Brantford Tourism Center!

Costumes are, as usual, welcome! Funny hats, encouraged. Humor and smiles, required!
almost 5 years ago
One more day to RSVP on the forum thread below for our Kick-Off Party this Saturday!

And as you may have noticed, we've been officially challenged by Pretoria, South Africa to a regional word war this November... so head over to their forum (link in the challenge thread) and introduce yourselves! Make them TREMBLE in FEAR!!!
almost 5 years ago
Get those party hats ready... because we're making this month official on October 26th @ the Brantford Tourism Center!

Yes, indeedy-do... from 1pm-3:30pm, we'll kick off NaNoWriMo 2013 in true NaNo style! Coffee, some fun brainstorming games, NaNo-ing tips, and possibly a bit of helpful noveling-related swag.

If you haven't RSVP'd yet... what are you waiting for?! Hit up the thread below and let me (your ML) know you'll be there... mostly so we have enough chairs. And coffee. And swag. All of which are Very Important Things.
almost 5 years ago


But seriously, welcome. We're about a day and a half away from nailing down our Kick-Off location, so keep an eye on that thread below -- we'd love to meet you!

Write-ins are getting lined up, and there's been talk of "what are YOU writing?" around these parts and on our Facebook group.

If you haven't said hello yet, introduce yourself below! Take a tour around our little forum, and get those brain juices flooooowing... *sploosh sploosh*
almost 5 years ago

If you're a super-keener and you've jumped in here already, well... there's not much going on right now.

But the good news is, a bunch of us are getting together for an unofficial "planning" hangout on October 2nd at 7pm @ Blue Dog Coffee Roasters.

We're going to chill, some folks might want to talk about their novels, and we'll help each other brainstorm for the coming NaNo.

You're welcome to join us! Hope to see you there! :)
over 5 years ago
Camp has begun!

It's April, and that means the first round of Camp NaNoWriMo.

If you're participating this year -- you know you want to... you can set your own goal! -- hit up our Facebook group for updates (link is in the welcome thread at the bottom of this forum).

See you around the campfire!
almost 6 years ago
Congrats, Wrimosaurs... you survived NaNoWriMo 2012!!!

Our region did AMAZINGLY this year, and I'm thrilled to see the creativity grow in our region.

As of this moment, we have 18 "winners" in our region... but as you all know, it doesn't matter how many words you've written in the end, it's whether you stood up and faced this challenge head-on. And if this wasn't your year? Next year will be. And if it was? CONGRATULATIONS!!! Hold your head high, and yes, go ahead -- have that extra cookie today. You deserve it.

Some of you, I'll see at tonight's TGIO -- laser tag @ 5pm, dinner @ 7pm, addresses below in the thread (for those of you who've RSVP'd).

For those who I won't see -- I hope you have a wonderful December, and an incredible year full of Big, Fun, Scary Adventures.

See you in 2013, Wrimosaurs... say it with me now, one final time... WRIMOSAUR ROOOOOAR!!!!
almost 6 years ago
TODAY ONLY!!! 40% discount on mugs on Zazzle... see Donations thread below (or the post on our Facebook group) for more details!

One of these is the perfect way to end the month and congratulate yourself, don't you think? :D
almost 6 years ago
Final write-in... tomorrow morning!!!!

COME SPRINT TO THE FINISH!!! (If you need to...)

See you on the other side, Wrimosaurs. :)
almost 6 years ago
Only two more write-ins to go this month... come on out tonight and sprint to the finish! LET'S DO THIS!!!

Congrats to the winners so far! :D

...and don't forget to RSVP to the TGIO below.
almost 6 years ago
Write write write!!!

almost 6 years ago

Let's do this!!!!!!!!!!!

...and please RSVP to the TGIO if you haven't already. Thanks!
almost 6 years ago
Week Three... so what'll it be?
7pm -- a write-in with me!

Type up some words, increase your count,
If you're behind? We won't count you out!

Eleven days more 'til winning ensues...
C'mon! Keep it up! You've nothing to lose.

almost 6 years ago
w00t w00t! Here we are in week three and still going strong... come on out and write with us tomorrow at Coffee Culture (1pm) and if you didn't get a chance to wear a funny hat on Tuesday... it's WACKY HATS REDUX.

Why not dress it up with your favorite bow tie? Or neck tie? Let's make it a classy Saturday afternoon!

Oh yeah, and we'll get some writing done, too. >D
almost 6 years ago
Hey Wrimosaurs!!!

It's HALFWAY DAY. You know what that means? 25k or bust!!!

Sit that bum down, bang those words out, even if it means your character spends three chapters discussing economic theory in light of the recent electoral race.

It DOESN'T MATTER. Just get the story out, and you'll be back on track in no time! Or, y'know, come out to a write-in, grab a card from the EMERGENCY PLOT FIXER, and get fixed up in a jif!
almost 6 years ago
Iiiiit's WRITE-IN DAY!!!

Grab a funny / weird / awesome hat (if you wish) and come on out to the Blue Dog at 7pm! Write write write! Push ahead or catch up, maybe win a word war or two... :D
almost 6 years ago
You should be at 10k by the end of today... and what better motivator than coming to our first WRITE-IN?!?!?

Tonight, 7pm! Blue Dog! Be there!
almost 6 years ago
Why not use this first weekend of NaNo to get some extra words in? It'll help on those days at the end of week 2 or into week 3 when all you want to do is stab all your characters and smash your laptop. :)
almost 6 years ago
We're in count-down mode... just a few more hours to go!

Will you start writing at midnight? Chime in on the "Plotter or Pantser?" thread and let everyone know what your strategy is for this month! Or, this week. Or maybe just for tomorrow... guess it depends on how you like to work! ;)
almost 6 years ago
Thanks for a great Kick-Off, everyone! We had 20 people + 2 guests... the biggest Brant-Norfolk event EVER!!!

If you have any questions about stuff we talked about or the contest, plot bunnies, etc., see the threads below or make one relevant to your question / interest.

So... go ahead and kick around on the forums, get some help for your novel, and get pumped to write together this November... we put fingers to keyboard / pens to paper next Thursday!
almost 6 years ago

So many of you want to come to this thing that we need a bigger space!!! Our new Kick-Off location is at 130 West Street, Lower Apartment (door on the side of the house). Grab a coffee/drink elsewhere and BRING IT ALONG, and you're welcome to bring snacks or other sharing-type items (since we're not at a cafe to buy some).

IF YOU NEED A RIDE... post in the Kick-Off thread, and we'll get you there.

Lots of street parking available. And we're doing this at the same time, 7pm, until about 9pm (and then we're outta there!).

And to be respectful of Kassie's generous offer to use her space -- and in consideration that we're going to be fitting a lot of people into her place -- please refrain from wearing large costumes or bringing large props... sorry! But otherwise, we won't fit there either!!!

almost 6 years ago
Hey all... how's your planning & plotting coming along?

Looking forward to seeing many of you at the Kick-Off this Saturday (have YOU RSVP'd yet?)... and stay tuned for a potential location change!!! I don't want anyone feeling squished, as much fun as that can be...

Anywho, get those party hats ready -- no, really, silly hats & costumes are welcome and/or encouraged, if you like -- and I'll see you in a few days!
almost 6 years ago
Welcome to NaNoWriMo 2012, Brant-Norfolk Wrimosaurs!!!

I'm Faith, your ML for Brant-Norfolk! I'm here to answer your questions, cheer you on, and help keep things organized.
Go ahead and introduce yourself in the threads below... this is YOUR regional forum, so use it! Make new friends, find motivation, get help with those tricky plot bunnies...

And while you're at it, go ahead and RSVP for the Kick-Off Party... pretty please? :)

It's going to be a great month!

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