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about 11 hours ago
The countdown is on! Do you have a plot? An idea? Are you going in cold with word one? You can do NaNo whatever way you want, which is cool. And if you want to do some planning, there's still time! Check the forums and post to the group if you want to chat about your project--or lack of one. :)
8 days ago
Ahoy, Caper Wrimos! CB Nanos! Whatever we like to call ourselves! Hope you're gearing up for a great NaNoWriMo 2017!
11 months ago
A week and a bit left! How is your novel doing? At this point, some of you are thinking of giving up--or maybe you already have. Catching up from here may seem like an impossible task. And maybe it is. But you know, you could still write a LOT of words between now and the end of November. Sure, you might not hit 50k...and that's okay. You'll still have written more than you had at the beginning of the month, and getting words on paper is what it's all about. So I just want to say, KEEP WRITING. It's not over until midnight strikes on the 30th and we all turn back into pumpkins. Or something. :)
12 months ago
And we're off! Let's go, Capers! Fill those word count bars! :)
12 months ago
The countdown is on! Do you have your characters, plots, and outlines all set to go? Or are you about to dive in without a life preserver? Either way, We'll all be in the same boat on Tuesday. Let's sink or swim together!
about 1 year ago
Hello, Capers! Are your novel ideas coming together? Are your characters ready to step onto the stage? November 1st draws inexorably closer! We'll be meeting again this year at the CBU Cooperative Study Club space, so watch for more details here and in your email!
~ Sherry

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