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9 days ago
Hey NaNoers!

We've had two really excellent write-ins so far, and it's been really awesome that so many of you can make it out. I get a lot of energy/inspiration sitting and writing with other people going through "the struggle" of NaNo and it's been a blast.

Hope everyone is tracking well! No matter what your word count the important thing is that you're here and giving it a go!

All the best,
15 days ago
Only a couple of days now!

Join us at the event this Thursday at San Churro Kotara - I'll be there from 6 pm! It's going to be great to get started on this amazing adventure together!

Hands up if you've already put a few sneaky words down because you can't wait until Thursday...

*puts hand up*

- Snaptrick
21 days ago
Hi Everyone,

I've loaded up the write-in events for November. I have tried to spread things around a little and keep things interesting. Feel free to come to as many as you like: I'll be there for all of them and it will be great to see you all!

The same list of events are loaded up in the Facebook group ( and in the Google Calendar in the NaNoWriMo forums ( . Any discrepancies are entirely accidental :S

These date's are not un-moveable either - I tried to put a diversity in there and am open to any and all suggestions. I'm also on the hunt for a venue for the TGIO party - watch this space.

I'm so excited for November! Looking forward to seeing you all again soon :D
Happy Writing
29 days ago
Hi Newcastle NaNoers! (NNs for short?)

Looks like we're full steam ahead for the Prep Event this Saturday - sorry that it conflicts with a couple of other things but it seems to be a time that works for most people.

I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone - I might even use the Prep Event to actually do some novel prep too!

I also want to find out what times and venues work best for everyone for Write Ins - and also get your thought about the big wrap up part at the end of November!

Reach out to me if you have any questions/comments/ideas or advice or how to use first person narration (ok, that last one is more to help me, haha)

See you soon!
about 1 month ago
Hi Everyone,

So in another crazy twist our venue for the Prep Event (Max Brenner) has been placed into volutary administration. At this stage stores are continuing to trade, but it is entirely possible that they could close doors before the event.

As a back-up venue I can think of Churros (the chocolate/coffee place at Westfield Kotara) or Newcastle Regional Library in town. I'll keep an eye out for news on the MB situation and keep you all in the loop :D

Any and all suggestions welcome!
about 1 month ago
Hi Everyone!

It's almost October! Hi Newcastle NaNoers!

We're planning a meet and greet before November hits! Join us for a coffee and something sweet at the Max Brenner chocolate/coffee place at Charlestown Square.

On the day you can:
- Get your NaNo swag!!! (mostly stickers haha. Fingers crossed they get here in time :P)
- Meet other NaNoers! We have a huge region - let's get to know eachother :D
- Take control and plan your novel! An hour of plotting, organising and preparing will pay HUGE dividends when that first blank page is staring up at you!
- Workshop your ideas with other folks, because many brains make novels work
- Relax and unwind before the CHAOS of November :D :D

I'll be there through the after to chat and have a laugh. I really hope you all can make it!

Let us know you can make it by posting in the thread or RSVP to the Facebook event!

Looking forward to seeing you all there!
Your ML
2 months ago
Hi Everyone! Welcome to NaNo 2018. This is my first year as ML and I'm really looking forward to helping all of us have an excellent NaNo and (hopefully!) win!

If you're on Facebook join the group here:

We're going to hold some regular events during November. I'm always open to suggestions for venues too! I'll keep the calendar up to date with the latest, so check back often.

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