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12 months ago
Thursday @ 7PM
Cappelini, Sundridge Village
12 months ago
PE Kick Off Party - 31 October 2017
Time : 19h00
The Kings Landing,
151 Main Road, Walmer
almost 2 years ago
PE Kick Off Party - 29 October 2016
Time : 10AM
LIfe with Lemons
278 Main Road, Walmer
almost 3 years ago
Thursday @ 7PM
There will be panckakes.
almost 3 years ago
PE Kick Off Party - 31 October 2015
Time : 11AM
Garden Restrobar/Pop Shoppe
222 Main Road, Walmer
almost 4 years ago
Lunch Time Write in's Mon 3 - Fri 7 Nov 12h00 at
HUB Café,
(Side entrance of Harvest Church Building)
90 Albert Road,
almost 4 years ago
PE Kick Off Party - 30 October
Time : 19h00 - about 21h00
Angelos, 45 6th Avenue,
Walmer, Port Elizabeth
about 4 years ago
Welcome to 2014.
Details about Kick-Off party and Write-ins will follow shortly.
Please stay tuned.
almost 5 years ago
TGIO Party - Saturday 7/12
Cafe Cappelini, Sundridge
almost 5 years ago
Thursday Write-In @ 7PM
Cafe Capellini.
almost 5 years ago
almost 5 years ago
Weekly Write Ins:
Thursday 7/11- 7PM - Capellini, Kings Court
Friday 8/11- 7PM - Capellini, Kings Court
almost 5 years ago
KICK -OFF VENUE CHANGE, Now at Munch Walmer Park
almost 5 years ago
PE Kick Off Party - 31 October
Time : 19h00 - about 21h00
Cafe Capellini, Kings Court Shopping Centre
Walmer, Port Elizabeth
about 5 years ago
Welcome (back) to NaNoWriMo!
Let us show them what PE can do.
almost 6 years ago
Write-Ins are arranged. Goodie bags are clutched. Ideas are brewing... Almost time... Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick....
almost 6 years ago
PE Kick Off Party
Saturday 27/10/2012 - 10h00
Blue Orange, Heugh Road
Walmer, Port Elizabeth
about 6 years ago
Both Kick-off party and Write-in threads have been created. Go and have a look and chuck your thoughts in. :)

We've also put up a link to tthe PE-wrimos Facebook Page. Stroll on over.
about 6 years ago

We're back! And for those who aren't back, we're front!

But, whether you're back or front, welcome :) So happy to see you've stumbled in here - on purpose, naturally, there are no accidents in nano. Everything is a wondrous opportunity.

Soon we'll begin talking about the kick-off gathering and write-ins and other social stuff, so what's this space.

For the time being, introduce yourselves, and start revving your engines!

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