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about 1 year ago
The Thank Goodness It's Over Party will take place this Saturday - 3pm at Revelation. Regardless of whether you wrote 50 000 words or 500 words it would be lovely to see you there.
about 1 year ago
Write ins - Saturday at 3pm.

Sat 11 November at Revelations

Future venues might change
about 1 year ago
Grahamstown Kick Off Party and Write In
Saturday 4 November, 3pm-5pm
Revelations Coffee Shop, Pepper Grove Mall, Grahamstown
over 1 year ago
Welcome to NaNoWriMo 2017

The superheroes of the Eastern Part of the Eastern Cape will be dusting off their capes, uncapping their pens, plugging in their computers and getting ready to blast off for another month of novel writing madness.

Pop into the forum and say hello. Share the excitement with your friends. Flex those fingers. It is almost time.

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Welcome to Grahamstown Wrimoland, where the weather is weird and the writing is wonderful. The Eastern Cape has 2 regions: Grahamstown and Port Elizabeth. If you are in the province, feel free to join the region that is closest to you.
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