NaNoWriMo believes that:

Your story matters.

We are committed to a world that celebrates diverse voices, and encourages everyone to tell their stories.

In 2017, 972 volunteer Municipal Liaisons supported 468,104 participants on six continents.


You are capable of even more than you think.

We are committed to building writing confidence.

In past surveys, 86% of respondents said that NaNoWriMo helped them learn what they can accomplish when determined. 89% of respondents said that NaNoWriMo made them more excited about writing.

In a past independent study, 87% of student participants in our Young Writers Program said that it made them more confident writers.

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You can build worlds.

We are committed to creating real-life, vibrant, literate communities.

Every year, we partner hundreds of volunteers with their local libraries, bookstores, and community centers.



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In the News

“[NaNoWriMo]‘s made writing feel like something that’s achievable and, in the process, returned literature to a place of pop art possibility that it hasn’t been in for years.”

— Graeme McMillan, TIME Magazine

“Through [NaNoWriMo], which had my entire class intrigued, we learned how to develop a plot, build character descriptions and foreshadow, through writing our novels.”

— Julia Fox, The New York Times

“By having access to so many peers, thousands of people were going to emerge from [NaNoWriMo] with better stories — and better ability to navigate past writing snags — than they would have enjoyed otherwise.”

— George Anders, Forbes Magazine


Participant Testimonials

“I partook in NaNoWriMo for the first time in 2017 and loved it because of the challenge. There were times when I just wanted to cry due to frustration because I didn’t meet my set goal for the day. There were times when I actually got inspiration at 3 AM. Gosh! My head was spinning with ideas throughout November.

All in all, NaNoWriMo 2017 was a great one and I enjoyed reading other peoples’ ideas about their works. I also got a few tips on how to improve as a reader and overcome writers block. Thanks!

—  Olukoya Ayomipo, December 18, 2017

“The Young Writers Program has given [my students] the opportunity to prove that the scribbling they were doing in their notebooks wasn’t a waste of time. They wanted to show the world that the stories inside their heads had value. They proved that they don’t need to have all the answers to write a book, they just need to have the right questions, so that the rest of us, together, can find a resolution.

Aside from the writing itself, students were happy to meet peers with similar interests, and the organized structure of the event motivated them to write regularly and even exceed their goal.

— Roxo Trévol, December 18, 2017

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